ADPH Policy Positions – A Life Course Approach to Public Health

May 18, 2018 in ADPH Updates, Children, Young People and Familes, Healthy Ageing, Policies, Policy Statements, Publications, Work & Health by admin

In May 2018, ADPH launched a series of policy position statements setting out a life course approach to public health. The statements explore health and wellbeing at key life stages and cover best start in life, living and working well, healthy ageing, and health inequality.

Our policy position statements help to drive our policy work forward and push for our members’ recommendations in all the policy work that we do.

All ADPH policy position statements are briefly reviewed annually with a full review taking place every three years. The most recent review of this suite of statements was in May 2019.

304 KBADPH Position Statement – Best Start in Life (May 2019) 321 KBADPH Position Statement – Living and Working Well (May 2019) 308 KBADPH Position Statement – Healthy Ageing (2019) 267 KBADPH Position Statement – Health Inequalities (May 2019)

If you would like to discuss anything in these documents please do contact the ADPH Policy Team by emailing

All of our policy positions are hosted permanently here.