Moving on

October 27, 2017 in ADPH Updates, Blog by Andrew Furber

It is with mixed emotions that I start this blog with the news that I am moving on from the role of ADPH President. In early 2018 I will join Public Health England as their Centre Director for Yorkshire and the Humber. I am looking forward to this challenge, but am sad to be leaving ADPH a few months before the end of my term of office.

Being ADPH President has been one of the most professionally fulfilling things I have ever done. It has been a privilege to visit most parts of the United Kingdom (I never got to the islands but did meet most of their DsPH). The work being done by ADPH members in all four countries is inspiring. In the last two weeks I’ve been in Scotland hearing about their impressive work on health as a human right, with DsPH in the South West of England who are doing some excellent stuff in challenging circumstances and in Wales seeing some outstanding local practice at the Public Health Wales conference. From my visits to Northern Ireland I’m aware of the amazing progress being made in a very difficult context.

ADPH is much more than one person and the work will continue without me at the helm. We discussed future arrangements at the ADPH Board meeting this week and I’m grateful that, as our constitution indicates, our Vice President will become acting President until the AGM in May 2018. She will be supported by the other board members and a very capable staff team and I am immensely grateful to them all.

A call for nominations for the next President will go out in the New Year. Three years ago it hadn’t crossed my mind to throw my hat into the ring until someone suggested it to me. Please be thinking seriously about whether it could be you or someone you could propose. I am very happy to speak in confidence to individuals who may be interested. You can contact me via the ADPH office or directly.

Also at the Board meeting we discussed the emerging themes from the organisational impact report we have commissioned from Phil Swann of Shared Intelligence. Overall it was hugely encouraging, but also indicated some clear areas for further development (which is what we wanted). Phil will be presenting the next iteration of the report at our Annual Conference on 29 November. Please make it a priority to attend at least this part of the day if you can. Your advice on how ADPH should respond is essential and will inform the next stage in the development of our organisation, and provide an agenda for the next President. You can book your place here.

I am moving on, but ADPH must move on too. With such talent in our ranks I have no doubt that it will.