ADPH Submission to Statutory Regulations Consultation

November 14, 2014 in ADPH Updates by admin

ADPH has submitted a response to the Statutory Regulations Consultation.

Below are the principles that will form the ADPH response to the Statutory Regulations Consultation:
• The overarching principle must be parity of arrangements for the regulation and revalidation for all Public Health specialists from whatever background.
• ADPH therefore strongly supports the need for statutory regulation for Public Health specialists from backgrounds other than medicine or dentistry.
• Wherever this responsibility lies, there must be assurance that the regulator has competence in both regulation and revalidation, and an understanding of all the Public Health specialists for which it has statutory responsibilities.
We have encouraged members to respond individually to this consultation, as we found there was a wide range of opinions regarding this topic, and it was not possible to have a comprehensive unified response.


267 kBADPH submission on Statutory Regulation of PH specialists