• Ensure maximum benefit from the work of Hon Officers, executive and members
  • Adhere to the standards for Public Health organisations including considering environmental impact


  • To be as efficient and cost effective as possible in all Association work
  • To facilitate the sharing of best practice and learning across national borders
  • To work in collaboration rather than competition with the other PH Associations
  • To work towards the sustainability of the Association and its remit

Chief Executive – job purpose

  • Be responsible for adherence to the Association’s principles aims and governance as a Public Health organisation
  • Be accountable to the members through the Honorary Officers for the management of the business, finances, staff and other resources of the Association
  • Develop the Association as a sustainable and successful organisation
  • Develop, direct and be responsible for the delivery of work programmes that reflect the needs and concerns of Directors of Public Health across the UK
  • Establish and develop strong professional partnerships with other organisations, governments and individuals to enable and deliver successful collaborative work
  • Provide leadership for the ADPH and continuity for members and stakeholders across electoral changes in Honorary Officers

Policy Manager – job purpose

  • Develop member-led policy positions for ADPH
  • Manage the PH policy programme for the ADPH
  • Supervise and direct project managers and administrators as required

Engagement Development Manager – job purpose

  • Develop membership and stakeholder engagement
  • Manage the ADPH work programme supporting Directors of Public Health (DsPH)
  • Supervise and direct Project Managers and Administrators as required

Business Support Manager – job purpose

  • Manage the infrastructure and resources of the organisation
  • Manage the programme of Board and Executive meetings
  • Provide administration for governance processes
  • Manage projects and events as required

Policy Coordinator – job purpose

  • Co-ordinate ADPH topic teams and other member policy development
  • Manage requests from external organisations for representation and input
  • Administer requests from Governments and other organisations for policy comment and consultation responses
  • Provide appropriate communications and dissemination of policy issues
  • Liaise with other public health organisations and third sector organisations as actual and potential collaborative partners
  • Maintain membership topic interest database and other policy systems

PA and Administrator – job purpose

  • Be the first point of contact and main source of communications with members
  • Maintain and develop the membership database ensuring confidentiality
  • Provide high quality administration for the President and Chief Executive
  • Manage projects and events in a timely and effective manner
  • Encourage, promote and support active and productive member forums and networks

Membership Expansion Coordinator – job purpose

  • Implement the outreach plan to ensure high level of engagement among Associate members
  • Administer the programme of development events and initiatives for ADPH members
  • Administer high-quality communications to members and stakeholders
  • Support member networks and online forums
  • Provide support for the Engagement Development Manager
  • Provide high quality administration for ADPH