The report

Directors of Public Health in England have a statutory duty to write an Annual Public Health Report to demonstrate the state of health within their communities. It is a major opportunity for advocacy on behalf of the health of the population and as such can be extremely powerful both in talking to the community and also to support fellow professionals in public health. As the reports are aimed at lay audiences, the key feature of the reports must be their accessibility to the wider public which offers an opportunity for the DsPH to reconsider their rhetoric and focus on the key impact messages they want to convey.

To support the DsPH in development and delivery of their public health annual report, here is some guidance jointly published by ADPH and FPH.

The competition

ADPH considers this a great opportunity to showcase the work of DsPH individually and collectively hence we run an annual competition to celebrate the successes of all our members while selecting the best few publications. Entries are judged by an independent panel who look for readability, accessibility and innovation as well as relevant and challenging content. There is a selection of strongest submissions from previous years available on ADPH website. In the past, ADPH was able to offer prizes for top places, but the true reward is the recognition for the work done to improve the health of the population among peer professionals.

For more details on the competition process, please click here:


The 2017 ADPH Annual Report Competition results:

1st place – North Yorkshire

2nd place – Coventry

3rd place – Bury

Policy Workshop 2017_photo

(L-R) Winner of the 2017 DPH Annual Report Competition, Dr Lincoln Sargeant , North Yorkshire, with Dr Andrew Furber, ADPH President and Nicola Close, ADPH CEO.