Honorary Members

ADPH Honorary members are individuals whose work or service has been of great value to the Association; or who are deemed to be worthy of membership of the Association through their support of and benefit to the work and role of the Director of Public Health. Honorary Membership may be granted for a term of five years. Such Honorary members do not have voting rights and may not hold Elected Officer posts, and will not normally be subject to a subscription charge. Following the completion of an initial term of five years, the Board may renew Honorary Membership for one further five-year term. The appointment of Honorary Members will be reported to the AGM.

The privileges of Honorary members:
  • Invitation to Annual Conference (and usually a dinner for Honorary Members and ADPH Honorary Officers on the eve of the Annual Conference)
  • Input to ADPH policy
  • Access to ADPH membership expertise, networking and events
  • Formal recognition of their contribution
  • A Certificate of Honorary Membership
Obligations of Honorary members:
  • Continued engagement with the ADPH mission through contribution of professional expertise and support for the ADPH policy work.
  • High level of ethical, professional and personal standards. The Association supports and adheres to Standards in Public Life as defined by the Nolan principles.
  • Individual members must not seek or accept preferential rates or benefits in kind for private transactions carried out with any bodies or individuals with which they have had, or may have, official dealings with on behalf of the Association.
  • All members should register, in a format as approved, any material interest – personal, professional, financial or otherwise, which may have a bearing on their membership of the Association and any role conducted in it at the time of inception as a member or as the interest arises.
Current ADPH Honorary Members:
  • Dr. Tony Jewell (2011 – present)
  • Paul Lincoln, OBE (2011 – present)
  • Dr. Janet Atherton, OBE (2016 – present)
  • Julia Ellis (2017 – present)

Honorary member nomination guide and form.