Full Members

Full members are the core of ADPH membership body. As Association of Directors of Public Health our mission is to accurately represent the voice of this group. We encourage all Full members to get engaged with our policy work to enable us to adequately fulfil this mission.

Support for DsPH is also a crucial element of the ADPH Business Plan 2017-2020 as Development for Directors of Public Health has been part of the ADPH mission for the past 160 years. You can read more about the support elements available in this leaflet.

Each subscribing organisation receives one Full membership with ADPH (inclusive of: substantive, acting, or interim DPH).

The privileges of Full members:
  • Right to run and vote in elections to Board and Council
  • Free place at ADPH annual conference
  • Free place at ADPH Policy Workshop
  • Free or discounted access to Masterclasses
  • Free access to ADPH mentoring scheme
  • Access to ADPH online platform
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Full participation in Policy Advisory Groups
  • Feedback through ADPH policy survey
  • Feedback through ADPH membership survey
  • Member’s handbook and induction call

By accepting the membership, all Full members agree to comply with ADPH Governance Framework.