Associate Members

As part of the organisational strategic direction the ADPH is expanding its membership to Consultants working within Full members’ teams.

Each subscribing organisation receives unlimited Associate membership at no extra cost (inclusive of Consultants within DPH team.) Such members do not have voting rights and may not hold national elected positions within the Association.

Associate membership is a distinction for exceptional Consultants who are on a trajectory to becoming a DPH in the future. Applications for membership are now open and they require relevant DPH endorsement. You may see more details in this leaflet. Please contact your DPH for more details on the application process.

The privileges of Associate members:
  • Free or discounted place at ADPH annual conference
  • Free or discounted access to Masterclasses
  • Learning sets – coordinated thematic groups to facilitate targeted learning.
  • Discounted coaching by experienced DsPH
  • Access to ADPH online platform
  • Weekly newsletter
  • Participation in Policy Advisory Groups
  • Feedback through ADPH policy survey
  • Member’s handbook and induction call

By accepting the membership, all Associate members agree to comply with ADPH Governance Framework.