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Annual Review 2017-18

July 9, 2018 in Annual Reviews, Publications by admin

Annual Review 2017-18.

174 KBAnnual Review 2017-18

Four Nations Study – A comparative systems review and thematic policy analysis of public health across the four constituent countries of the UK

July 2, 2018 in ADPH Updates, Publications by Lucy Sutton

This research project has been completed on behalf of the ADPH by the School of Health and Related Research at the University of Sheffield, with support from the Health Foundation.

By developing an evidence-based public health systems framework, the report explores the similarities and differences between the public health systems in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales since national devolution to identify areas for shared learning. The framework was refined through systematic reviews of the public health systems overall and of an example area  ‘child development in the early years’.

We would like to hear your views on the report – Get in touch with Dr Amy Barnes at and tell us how these findings could be taken forward to inform policy and practice and how debate in and between nations can be promoted to create more opportunities to learn from each other?

2 MBFour Nations Study Report 2 MBFour Nations Study – Visual Summary [print] 2 MBFour Nations Study – Visual Summary [online]
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PHE / ADPH Summary Report: Development Needs of Recently Appointed Directors of Public Health

June 12, 2018 in Publications by admin

Working in partnership with Public Health England, ADPH has produced the report below on the experience of newly appointed DsPH.

As strengthening the pipeline for Directors is one of our organisational priorities, this report gives some valuable insight into the aspirations and frustrations that new DsPH experience. There is a great deal of good work that the report identifies.

The report gives helpful insight into areas where DsPH can be supported:

• For a significant number, the route to becoming a Director was through an interim or acting capacity. Therefore, support in the early period after appointment is critical.

• DsPH are the ambassadors for Public Health in local government. Several reflected that they needed more help to step into working at multi-discipline board level.

• The role of networks to support DsPH was reported to be invaluable. Much good work goes on, but provision of formal and informal networks is geographically variable and offers an opportunity to develop further.

365 KBPHE ADPH – Development Needs of Recently Appointed DsPH
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ADPH Policy Positions – A Life Course Approach to Public Health

May 18, 2018 in ADPH Updates, Children and Young People, Policies, Policy Statements, Publications by admin

ADPH has today published a series of new policy position statements setting out a life course approach to public health. These statements explore health and wellbeing at key life stages and cover best start in life, living and working well, healthy ageing, and health inequality.

Our policy position statements help to drive our policy work forward and push for our members’ recommendations in all the policy work that we do. They will be briefly reviewed annually and a full review will take place every three years.

611 KBADPH Position Statement – Best Start in Life 634 KBADPH Position Statement – Living and Working Well 613 KBADPH Position Statement – Healthy Ageing 579 KBADPH Position Statement – Health Inequalities

If you would like to discuss anything in these documents please do contact the ADPH Policy Team by emailing

All of our policy positions are hosted permanently here.


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ADPH Impact Report – Summary

April 5, 2018 in ADPH Updates, Publications by admin


In summer 2017 ADPH commissioned Shared Intelligence to carry out research into the impact of the Association and to recommend ways in which its impact could be increased. You may view here some key notes of the main findings. ADPH have taken this feedback on board and are working towards implementation of an action plan to address these points.

The review focussed on assessing the ADPH’s impact in these three areas:

  • supporting DsPH in their role;
  • influencing the framework and context within which DsPH operate;
  • and influencing policy nationally on public health and health and wellbeing more widely.

The report is based on three sources of evidence: an online survey of DsPH in the membership of ADPH (61 responses were received); interviews with 12 senior stakeholders; and interview with 30 DsPH. An overview of the report was presented to the ADPH Board and at the ADPH Annual Conference in November and the final report also draws on these discussions.


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ADPH Sector-Led Improvement self-audit tool

March 22, 2018 in ADPH Updates, Publications, Sector Led Improvement by admin

ADPH is pleased to launch an SLI self-audit tool.

The tool is meant for the regional SLI leads, Network Chairs and Network Coordinators to help them assess their local SLI programme. The purpose of this self-audit tool is to help the SLI leads recognize network’s strengths and identify the areas of practice where there may be an opportunity to develop in the next phase. The tool can be used as part of a reflective conversation at one of the network meetings.

Local SLI programmes should provide confidence to both internal and external stakeholders and to the public as well as demonstrate continuous improvement to PH practice. In this way it will improve health outcomes and avoid top down inspection regimes. It should therefore provide demonstrable evaluation, challenge and measurement of improvement not merely increased learning and knowledge.


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Promoting the Role of the Director of Public Health as a System Leader

February 9, 2018 in Publications, Uncategorized by admin

At the end of last year, in collaboration with the Health Foundation ADPH organised a workhop for key ADPH stakeholders to explore possible approaches to promoting the role of the DPH as a system leader. 

The half-day workshop was held at The Health Foundation and was facilitated by Gill Burt. A detailed report can now be accessed here.


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ADPH Publication: Guidance for DsPH in a Major Incident

January 25, 2018 in ADPH Updates, Policies, Publications by admin

Please find attached two documents for DsPH in the event of a major incident: a ‘checklist’ with potential actions and some guidance on mutual aid. These resources were created by an ADPH task-and-finish group. Please contact the Policy Team if you have any questions about these resources.

451 KBMajor Incidents Checklist for Directors of Public Health 457 KBMutual Aid Guidance for Directors of Public Health
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APPH, PHE and LGA Briefing – Making Obesity Everybody’s Business: A Whole Systems Approach to Obesity

December 20, 2017 in ADPH Updates, Obesity, Policies, Publications by admin

Please find attached a briefing from ADPH, LGA and PHE focusing on the Whole Systems Obesity programme, which will provide local authorities with a different approach to tackling obesity.

508 KBMaking Obesity Everybody’s Business
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ADPH Policy Positions

November 29, 2017 in ADPH Updates, Air Pollution and Climate change, Alcohol and Drugs, Housing, Mental Health, Obesity, PH Workforce, Policies, Publications, Sexual and Reproductive Health, Tobacco by admin

ADPH has published a series of new policy position statements on eight key topics alongside a narrative document exploring roles and enablers within the public health system.

These statements bring together the views and recommendations of our members on eight key public health topics: outdoor air quality, alcohol, tobacco, drugs, obesity, sexual health, housing, and mental health. The narrative is a collation of existing ADPH publications and views from the membership with key recommendations to ensure the public health system is fit for the future.

These statements will help us to drive our policy work forward and push for our members’ recommendations in all the policy work that we do.

If you would like to discuss anything in these documents please do contact the ADPH Policy Team by emailing

584 KBADPH Narrative on the UK Public Health System579 KBADPH Policy Position – Outdoor Air Quality 581 KBADPH Policy Position – Alcohol 596 KBADPH Policy Position – Tobacco603 KBADPH Policy Position – Drugs 677 KBADPH Policy Position – Obesity614 KBADPH Policy Position – Sexual Health 598 KBADPH Policy Position – Housing and Health 616 KBADPH Policy Position – Mental Health